1903 Springfield Rifle


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Shooting, showing, & comparing the classic 1903 Springfield rifle. This is one lovely rifle .30-06 bolt gun! I like this rifle so much that I'll probably eventually have to have an A3 with the peep sight and/or the 1917 Enfield. Both of these have sights that are much easier for me to shoot.

It occurred to me a few days after posting the video that I should just stick the broken Red Rifle Plate on Ebay in case anybody would be interested in that particular range relic. It's been a staple throughout quite a few videos. Lots of hits on it, as well as a few misses I don't like to think about. :-) All proceeds go to a worthy cause: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/290772640642?

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 09/06/2012

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