BAR Woods Walk


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Bud’s Gun Shop: A casual walk through the woods with the classic BAR, or at least a fine replica of the same. :-) Thanks to Tennessee Gun Country in Clarksville, Tn, for the loan of this baby: Thanks to Federal Premium ammo for helping to feed this hungry rifle:

Please enjoy the videos! We make them for you all; however, please, for that 1/10 of one percent who try to use comment sections for envious grandstanding or character assassination, please do that on your own videos or blogs since there's no way for us to know whether you're just a "looney tunes," somebody with a grudge, valid or invalid, or maybe just someone who hates everybody 24/7 and is always on the lookout for another target. We have too large an audience to allow random hatred for other individuals, ethnic groups, or companies.This is OUR living room. Thanks! Hickok45, your very weird Internet "shooting companion." :-)

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