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Karl's response to being called a liar RE: Polymer AR15 Lowers



A number of people have mentioned that my hand placement in the NFA Polymer Lower testing video was placed intentionally away from the upper receiver to CAUSE it to fail.

That video is here:

This is utterly false, Ian and I went out into the desert and filmed that whole test almost as one take and when I took a pushup position on that gun (and I expected it to fail) I naturally placed my hands where they would normally go and went slowly because I didn't want to eat the receiver if it broke.

One viewer and replier, DeezilDennis, has specifically called me a liar in this regard and that I'm giving Ian a "black eye" in regards to the information he normally puts out.

First of all, InRangeTV is Ian's and MY project so it's information WE are putting out.

Second, I don't like being called a liar so here's my video response.

Ready to retract your accusations and apologize for calling me a liar yet, DeezilDennis?

DeezilDennis' exact comments are here:

deezildennis · 0 points · · delete Karl, Silly Sarcastic responses do not negate the fact that you guys intentionally flawed the test. I love Ian's Videos but this sure put a black eye on the integrity of the information he puts out. It's clear as day in the video, yet to you there still seems to be a need to keep up with the ruse.