VLog 16 (tree cutting)


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Update on a couple of issues I get so many questions about. This video and description is a huge FAQ. Please remember it and refer people to VLog 16 if they ask questions on videos that fall under the items below. Thanks. REGARDING QUESTIONS: I have to skip a lot of questions, so I'm a bit like a Triage person in an emergency room on a Saturday night.

Reasons your question might not get answered, even though I do love you dearly and appreciate you! :-) 1. I just didn't see it. :-) 2. Buried with too many to get to. 3. I'm leaving it for other experienced shooters to answer. 4. The answer is in videos I know you'll run across. 5. The answer is in one of my FAQ videos. 6. It's a question about pricing or about showing all my guns. 7. It's a question about how many guns I have or where to get something. (unless you live in Middle Tn, of course.) 8. You're asking if I have a specific gun. See this video and FAQs. 9. You've asked if I'll do a video on something. I will make a note of your request. 10. You've asked me to marry you (Unless you've been on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, of course). 11. You've asked if I'll subscribe to your channel. Please read my profile.

Category: Uncategorized Uploaded: 08/27/2010

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