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Sturmgewehr MP-44 Part I: Mechanics



See Part II here:

The MP-43 (which is mechanically identical to the MP-44 and StG-44; the differences are the subject for another video later) is a tilting bolt rifle with a long stroke gas piston. It was manufactured primarily from complex sheet steel stampings, as a way to minimize the amount of high-quality and thus difficult to acquire steels needed for its construction. The rifle is heavy by today's standards, but remarkably ergonomic (except for the metal handguard, when heats up quickly). Its sights come right up to the eye when shouldering the rifle, and it disassembles quickly and easily.

It really is one of the best small arms developed during World War II.

Sturmgewehr vs Kalashnikov:
MkB-42(H) with ZF41:
StG-44 with Krummlauf:
VG1-5 Last Ditch Nazi Rifle: