The Hickok45 Radio Show Episode 38


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Hickok is hanging out in the reloading room talking to himself again! Reloading Room Rambling! Holsters I mention: North Carolina Silencers :

Here's a line from a user after we did the first Radio Show: "I use "Free YouTube to MP3 converter " If you google it you will find all the download links. It's free and the easiest way to copy just audio off a youtube video and convert it to a mp3 for your iPod."

Contents ( sort of): 00: Intro 1:44 - Hard-to-find guns / Pre-election buying frenzie? 4:43 - Gun of Show fondling 5:28 - Carrying Hot (Condition One) Experience level, etc. 11:33 - Agency Handgun choices and US ( gun choices.) 19:05 - Gun of Show - Answer! 19:55 - Recent Video comments ( insider info) Suppressors and such. How we operate 31:11 - New Holsters in house. 35:11 - Surviving Gun Shops and Gun Shows (How you can help) 40:56 - Teenagers, Gunner, and wrap-up

Category: Uncategorized Uploaded: 02/09/2012

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