Media vs "Gun Culture"


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Some random thoughts on recent events and our "Gun Culture." If you hate guns and gun owners, please go elsewhere; this is not your forum or blog. This is a shooting channel.

One of the key points I wanted to make here is that for millions of Americans, guns are as common as golf clubs, baseballs & gloves, or any other sporting equipment people have around the house. Other than the obvious need to be careful with them, as with vehicles, matches, gasoline, etc., I regard them as nothing different from anything else. When visiting friends or relatives over the decades, it's nothing for me to throw in a few firearms to take along that I know they might enjoy seeing or shooting. I'm lucky to live in the United States, as well as in a "free state." For example, I might visit a gun shop today, literally, and perhaps see a gun I want to purchase. If so, it will take about five minutes to do the paperwork and get the background check online. I'll bring it home and be shooting the gun within minutes. It's just not a big deal. This is what so many people cannot relate to, I suppose, especially if they've grown up in a family or country where firearms are considered "dangerous" and just not around much. Having grown up in Kentucky and Tennessee, firearms for me are as much a part of life as fireworks, basketball, football, or boating. The fact that there are some "bad" or "crazy" people in the world who murder, rape, steal, torture, stab, shoot people, etc. just has very little to do with me. I do NONE of those things and have no inclination to do so. I am very thankful I have the easy means to prevent any of that from happening to me. I understand if your experience is far different from mine, but I'm darn sure not going to allow you to determine how I live MY life.

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