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How to Polish a Feedramp Quick and Easy



So in this video i show how you can polish your feed ramp and throat easily with a rotary tool and some felt bobs. the process is easy and quick, This small modification can help cure some of the feeding issues on your firearm if the round gets stuck going up the ramp because of a rough feed ramp. this modification also helps with cleanup as fouling and residue does not easily stick. just remember when working with power tools go slow and take your time. if your careful you will have great results. i will put links at the bottom where you can get all the tools used in this video. Thanks again for watching and make sure to hit the subscribe button to show some support to the channel.

Tools Used in this video:

Mini Vise:

Rotary Tool:

Felt Bobs:

Polishing Compounds i recommend:


Squeeze Bottle:


  • Category: Handguns
  • Uploaded: 10/04/2018