AR-15 Cleaning


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This video is a demonstation of how I clean and maintain my AR15 platform firearms. I've owned, fired, and maintained at least one of these rifles since since purchasing in 1984 that A2 model you've seen in my videos. I'm not an AR15 "expert" like some I'm sure we'll hear from, and I've not been to war with one of these babies, but what I do works for me.

Please, let's try to avoid the 6th grade arguments about the "best" lube, "best" cleaner, best method, etc. That said, please feel free to share what works for you! So many of us own, or will own, these rifles, that it is always useful to hear tips from others that work.

Also, due to the high level of activity on our channel, I do notice more and more thinly veiled comments actually designed to "promote" a product, a channel, a cause, etc. I understand this motivation, but we delete stuff that smells of that so as to help keep our comment sections from slowing becoming a free-for-all advertising forum. :-) Don't mean to offend anybody unnecessarily, but that's just pretty much unavoidable, of course. We have to continue to manage the channel however it makes the best sense to us.

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