Browning BAR M1918


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Bud’s Gun Shop: Shooting and showing the Ohio Ordnance Works Browning BAR 1918A3. At about 20 pounds, this thing is a real brute to handle. Once you pull the trigger, it's a sweetie, though. Thanks to Tennessee Gun Country for lending us this BEAST. Also, thanks to Federal Premium for supplying the food for this machine: BAR target on Ebay: Many of the parts in these Ohio Ordnance Works replicas are original BAR parts. The price tag is over $4,000.00. I forgot to mention, too, that the originals fired from an open bolt, whereas these reproductions fire from a closed bolt. You'll see more action with this baby as time rolls on. I leaned that you have to tighten those wing nuts really tight in order to keep the bipod where you want it, although I just took the legs off for most of our subsequent shooting. Watch out for a Woods Walk, wall shooting, and even an "unlikely" comparison video. As John demonstrates, you can really cut loose with this thing if you want to go into "full-auto" mode. It has a pretty good trigger, and there's virtually no recoil.

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