FAQ 59 Can I Come to Your Lawn?


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Sorry, but security and privacy concerns prevent the possibility of any sort of Compound "drop-by." It's by "invitation only," and that virtually never happens. We enjoy making the videos for you all and enjoy meeting you, but meeting you can never ever happen here. Due to some a strange "drop-by" or two, as well as a weird incident with a video posted by a sick Hater, we've even had to file a police report and upgrade the security and camera system. We live in a weird world. As I mention in this FAQ video, 99.9% of you completely understand this and respect peoples' privacy, as do I. Unfortunately, it's that other tenth of a percent that just has not thought it out well enough, or maybe even suffer from "insufficient parenting." :-) The Compound is always just a "YouTube Click" away!

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