Winchester Leverguns


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An overview of Winchester leverguns of the 19th Century. We've already posted a more indepth video on each of these rifles, or will in the near future. Thanks to Guns & Leather and Tennessee Gun Country, as well as Taylor's & Company, who helped us fill in the missing pieces in this line-up of beautiful historical rifles: There were some other prototypes that never made it to commercial production and such, but these were the "Elite Eight" that saw extensive use in the 19th Century and on into the 20th Century. Heck, many of us STILL use them in the 21st Century! :-)

Hopefully, I didn't step on my tongue too many times; this attempt to cover the basics on a lot of armament involved a lot of yakking. It was a one-take (first-take), unedited video, except for John's usual great slow motion "eye candy" at the end. This array of beauty and the opportunity to fondle / shoot all of them is just another reason why I still claim to be about the luckiest man on the planet! Life is good! Hope you enjoy the video.

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