UTS 15 Woods Walk


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Thanks again to The Nashville Gun Shop for the loan of this unusual shotgun! Before we returned it a few weeks ago, we just HAD to do a Woods Walk, of course. Again, having the choice to buy either one, I chose to purchase the KSG over this shotgun, but the UTS did work okay as long as we avoided short shucking it. You might notice that I did that near the end of this video. I was fortunate that it did not jam, because I think I failed to bring the slide back all the way when I was shooting the bucket. It's easy to end up with a massive jam if you short shuck this thing OR the KSB. Again, we're a "no-agenda" channel and really don't care whether the UTS 15 is successful or not. As long as we focused on it and did not short shuck it, the thing worked pretty well. I think most people will have problems avoiding the short shuck, though, so the gun is very easy to make look bad. http://www.nashvillegunshop.co/

Category: Sport Shooting Uploaded: 01/21/2013

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