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An overview of some things for "new shooters" (maybe even experienced shooters) to consider.

By the way, I don't consider it being "political" to encourage people to study issues and candidates before voting. I consider that being a good citizen. Also, bear in mind that it will always be easy to find a reason not to pay the membership dues to a gun-rights organization. It's no trouble at all to find something negative about a large organization; just look at the one you probably work for. Not only can we find a "reason" to feel smart and not join, we can pick them apart about things "out of context," as politicians slowly work unobstructed passing useless "feel-good" gun laws. We can also pit the big three gun rights organizations against one another, which accomplishes nothing. Rest assured, many more crazy gun laws would be passed if not for the lobbying efforts we pay for through our membership dues, at least some of us pay. :-(

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