300 Blackout (Chapter 2)


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Some fun and experimentation with the .300 Blackout. I appreciate the ammo donated by the companies below:

http://www.pnwarms.com/ http://www.advanced-armament.com/

Sight Issue: I sometimes joke about making up excuses for missing. Actually, it appear that in this video, for real, the reason I could not seem to hit the cinder block while holding the sights right on is the fact that my rear sight had loosened up substantially. :-) Notice the rear sight in the slow-motion shooting of the first close-in two-liter. Actually, I was glad to see that, because I thought I was in the Twilight Zone with my continued misses on that cinder block. I just KNEW I was holding right on it and getting a good trigger release, yet I kept seeing bullets hit the dirt. :-) It's "Reality YouTube"! I know it gets a little tedious for the viewer at times perhaps, as with the firing pin breakage in the Slide Fire Stock video, but we just don't like to edit out stuff unless it's absolutely necessary. Hope you enjoy the reality of our "Shooting Days." It's simple enough to edit out if we wanted.

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