S&W 686 (Close-Up)


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A close-up look at one of my favorite revolvers, the .357 magnum 686 in 3" barrel. It's a very attractive gun, as well as a great little shooterl!

You get a little education in this video about what "jumping the crimp" means. My case was old and had split; thus, loosening up the hold on the bullet. You might recall the news story last year about the guy who barely escaped death from a Grizzly attack in Alaska. He had a short barrel Ruger .454 with some very hot, heavy bullets. He got off a shot or two (maybe 3), but the recoil and a soft crimp on the bullet caused one of the heavy lead slugs to jump the crimp and hang up the cylinder, just as happens in this video. Fortunately, one of the few shots he had a chance to get off hit the bear in the head, I believe. Good thing, he was not going to be able to shoot again; that revolver was locked up. You might Google and find the story; I know Tom Gresham interviewed the guy about it.

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 10/05/2011

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