MP40 Submachine Gun


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Having some fun with a couple of MP40 submachine guns. These are interesting pieces of history and a lot of fun to shoot. A special thanks to the guys at Academy of Self Protection in Joelton for the loan of these firearms:

Our other MP40 fun:

A note to the 1%: Remember, anything that even smells of bigotry results in deletion and blocking. There's enough narrow-mindedness in the world regarding gun / human rights and everything else; we don't need it at shooting channels. Anybody who spews racism / bigotry here might as well be working to repeal the Second Amendment. Same thing.

No "freedom of speech" in MY living room, except for me. Likewise, you can say whatever you like on the Internet, of course, on your own channel. It's a great place to be heard, but it's rather rude to use somebody else's channel for your own personal gripes.

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 10/22/2012

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