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KelTec RDB Review Trailer



We were surprised to get a call from our FFL a couple days ago from our FFL to let us know that our rifle had arrived - we weren't expecting anything. Turns out it was the Kel-Tec RDB that we had asked about back at SHOT 2014.

Well, we have it in hand now and it looks like it has real potential. We will be putting it through a very thorough testing and review process, which will take some time. We are going to do things like:

Put it through multiple 2-Gun matches in the dirt and on the clock, with multiple different shooters Test a wide variety of ammunition Test a wide variety of magazines Learn what quirks appear when using it under stress Test reliability in all sorts of conditions And more!

Once we are finished, we will be able to present you with a comprehensive review of the rifle and our conclusions. Stay tuned!