Parody Contest Winner Announcement (Chapter 2)


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With so many worthy attempts to capture the brainless essence of Hickok45, the choice was very difficult. One video, though, jumped out at John and me a little more than the others. Most of you had it in your top five, so you won't be too surprised. I want to thank everybody who put on the Carhartt shirt, or the Glock cap, or the orange Howard Leight ear plugs, etc. and reduced their I.Q. by 40 points in order to be Hickok45 for a few minutes. They were entertaining to watch.

TO BE CLEAR on the wooden gun deal, I told a little white lie in the "Guns DO grow on Trees" video. The maker gave me the one display case and wooden 1911 for agreeing to show them in a video. Just the one that I took apart was a "T & E" gun. I didn't want viewers to necessarily know yet that I owned one of them, especially since I knew I was not going to keep it.

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