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Shooting, discussing, & comparing the M&P Bodyguard .380. A big thanks to Mays Arms & Archery for this pistol: http://mayarmsandarchery.com/ Thanks to Federal Premium Ammunition for supplying ammo for this video: http://www.federalpremium.com/ The paper target on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?... Assembly & Disassembly: With help from you guys and lots of experimentation, I've leaned to ignore the instruction manual. This one comes down best if I turn the take-down lever to 8:00 to remove. Then for reassembly, if I insert it at around the same point and rotate it around back to about 4:00, it will usually snap in okay. Strange, but at least it's not so frustrating now and something I could live with if I were shooting and carrying this pistol regularly. Getting broken in has helped, too. Don't want to bash a gun unnecessarily. In this video, I made this take-down and reassembly look worse than it really has to be. Maybe more of a Hickok45 I.Q. problem than a S&W Reassembly problem. Well, actually, an Instruction Manual problem. :-)

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