Krag Carbine


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Bud’s Gun Shop: Shooting and discussing my .30-40 Krag Carbine. Very cool piece of history! Federal Premium: SDI (Sonoran Desert Institute) : Egunner Auction site: Bud’s Phone App: To purchase 2-liter targets:

Meet & Greet Schedule; Saturday, March 19th, at Bud’s Gun Shop in Lexington, Ky. Time to be announced. NRA Meeting in Louisville May 20, 21, & 22: Times to be announced.

Original Krag Video:

Note: Yep, you can tell from the target date that we let this one simmer a few months before getting around to posting it. :-) If I can dig up the paper target, I'll put it no Ebay and post the link here, as usual:

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 02/15/2016

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