Remembering D-Day


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Remembering the people who made the sacrifice on D-Day, with a look at some of the American firearms of the period.

Comments have gotten pretty crazy, but then again, that happens to some extent on almost every video. I guess those of us with a little common sense and civility just need to enjoy whatever videos we like on YouTube and try to either avoid reading the comments or just scan through looking for the sensible stuff. I really think it's almost a new "skill" that we have to develop in the 21st Century. We have this phenomenon of millions of anonymous people on the Internet, many of whom are regular, sensible people, but some of whom use their anonymity to reveal their low-class upbringing or emotional issues without restraint. The Internet is definitely a wild place! We have way too many videos to set the comments for my approval.

Category: Firearms Education Uploaded: 06/05/2012

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