Battle Rifle Company BR 4 Odin AR 15


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Bud’s Gun Shop: "Thunderous" Shooting and showing of the BR4 Odin from Battle Rifle Company. This particular model, which is a collaboration with Odinworks, seems to work. Earlier models have gotten mixed reviews. Time will tell. Battle Rifle Company: Thanks to Federal for supplying a lot of food for this rifle: Hopefully, everybody researches thoroughly before he buys a firearm. All I can give you is MY experience with a particular firearm; I honestly don't care whether it works or not, but if it works, then it works. IF it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. Whatever happens is what you see in our unedited videos. It's just one snapshot of experience, which is what people seem to want. Don't be upset if something works for me; it "ain't" MY fault. :-) You cannot imagine how little I care whether people like or buy an AR15 we show; it's not MY company. All I can really know about a gun for sure is what experience I have with it myself, which is totally separate from whatever agendas or experience others might have that causes them to "love" or "hate" a particular firearm. IF what some are saying is true about this company, then it would not be wise to purchase their ARs. Who knows. Maybe this one represents a change and a new direction? Who knows. Not a big problem since there are so many ARs out there; no reason to take a chance if there's any doubt. I know I don't. That's why my safe has Colt ARs in it and now a Daniel Defense. :-)

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