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Bud’s Gun Shop: Just a little comparison between two firearms that give us similar capabilities. 80 + years of firearms development gives us a few very desirable improvements. :-) Thanks to Tennessee Gun Country in Clarksville, Tn, for lending us this Browning BAR: Thanks to Federal Premium for the ammo: And yes, if do realize that the BAR was kind of a special purpose firearm, and the firearms our military uses for that sort of purpose today are more likely to be belt fed, etc. In terms of producing a 20-rd rifle of serious caliber that a man could carry into battle, we thought a little comparison might be interesting. It is to me, at least. :-)

------------------------- Reminders: -------------------------------- In virtually every video, I mention where we obtained the firearm if it's not mine. Please review what the 1st Amendment means if you think you can post ANYTHING on our videos. :-) Basically, the videos are here to help answer questions about shooting and firearms. What I think about specific firearms, pocket carry, IWB holsters, disadvantages & advantages of a firearms, etc. are all in the videos unless I just don't have a video on that firearm. I spend hours reading your messages here and on Facebook every day. Please understand if you do not get an answer; if I were a full-time computer "nerd," I would never have become the oddball shooting nut that I am! :-)

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