FN Five-Seven 5.7X28mm


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Shooting and discussing the Five-seveN, which is, by the way, the trademarked designation for the pistol.

I don't know if you can see it in the video, but the rear sight has been moved all the way to the right by a previous owner of the gun. I did not like the looks of this and was going to center the sight and decide for myself if it had a problem, but I did not have a hex wrench small enough, and we just had the gun for a couple of days. It seemed okay in the few shots I took. After two days of shooting over 500 rounds and also struggling in this first video with long-range shooting, I discovered that somebody must have just been jerking the trigger and moved the sights, thinking the sights were off. Some of my missing is elevation-related, but I notice that most of my windage problems are misses to the right. I notice that even my hits are mostly on the right side of the targets. Before we did a Chapter 2 video, I bought a set of hex wrenches small enough and put the rear sight back where it belongs. You'll see in Chapter 2 that I had a little better long-range outcome. :-) It's not that the gun is inaccurate; it's just that I was trying to get used to the gun in this first video, plus the sights were off. Please don't move your rear sight until you let an experienced shooter or two shoot your gun. :-)

Thanks to ASP (Academy of Self Protection) in Joelton, Tn, for the load of this gun: http://academyofselfprotection.com/

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 04/11/2012

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