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John and I have a great time hosting a group of strange-looking gun-video makers at the Compound. See links to their channels below and on my main Channel Page. By the way, my instincts were correct when I wrote the advice below: about one of out five comments the first day have been either rude comments about one of the visiting YouTubers or else shameless promotion of somebody's channel, sometimes seeming almost angry for not being invited. As stated, this was not some grand plan; just wanted to take advantage of everybody's presence and share something besides lead with you for a change. We share lead with you regularly. :-)

TROLL ADVISORY: these are our guests, so any rude comments that even come close to showing disrespect for any of the attendees will result in deletion and blocking. No excuse for rude behavior in MY book. :-)

Also, please don't expect an answer to questions like, Why was "so and so" not there or not invited?" This was partly impromptu, partly random, and partly planned. Destinee was making another trip South this summer, so John and I thought it might be interesting to see if a couple of other nearby YouTubers we know wanted to drop in at the same time and have a little chat session for you all. Fortunately, Sturmgewehre could also make the trip and joins us in the discussion. He and Destinee are STILL mad at me for snatching that Hi-Point out of their hands at the NRA Convention. :-) Nobody was "excluded." Hopefully, you notice and appreciate that we try to avoid the middle school drama stuff on our channel :-) There are several other YouTubers I'd love to spend time with if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Category: Firearms Education Uploaded: 07/27/2012

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