Uzi Submachine Gun


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This classic 9mm submachine gun is one of my favorites. We look at how it operates, where it came from, and what it will do. A big THANKS to ASP (Academy of Self Protection) in Joelton, Tn, for bringing out this fine firearm from one of their personal collections.

Also . . . . . .

You guys that want to use this forum for your "anti all - firearms laws" forum will have to just do that on your own channel. This is not the world blog for all that. You're just going to scare regular people away from the gun community, which is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing and what this channel is about. Sorry about that - expect deletions. I'll also post this message in the description of the video.

Category: Automatic Firearms Uploaded: 10/19/2011

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