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AK Tactical Shooting | Transition to Pistol



Ideally this drill should go something like this: - engage target - primary weapon is down (empty or malfunction) - transition to your sidearm - engage until threat is neutralized or you get to cover - reholster sidearm - reload your primary (or clear any malfunctions) - engage target if necessary

Advanced options for this drill: - let someone else fill your magazines with random amount of rounds - use blank/dummy rounds for simulating malfunctions - when reloading move to improvised cover

SAFETY WARNING: - fast holstering a sidearm is one of the most common reasons for negligent discharge! - some holster designs or improper use can lead to an accident - be careful, don't go over your capabilities and respect all safety rules at all time!

As a firearm owner/user you are responsible for yourself and people around you! Stay safe and remember: Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast! :)

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  • Category: AK-47
  • Uploaded: 01/27/2015