Springfield XDs (Chapter 2)


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Another look and more shooting with the new Springfield XDs .45 ACP pistol. Now that I have some Talon Grips on it and my favorite pocket holster for it, I'm enjoying it a great deal more. Funny how we get certain accessories we like and just cannot be totally happy with almost any firearm until we're all set up properly. :-) Don't know if it was the rain or if it was just the age of my old Chronograph. Currently looking for a replacement. Wasn't a big deal - just thought it might be interesting to see the difference between the standard Government Model 5" barrel and the 3" barrel of the XDs. I'll do it another time.

By the way, I sneaked out the chronograph today for a few minutes between rainstorms and took a few shots again with the 5" Colt Government Model and the XDs. The Chronograph seemed to work okay.

Four shots from each pistol with some SureFire 230 grain hollowpoints I had:

Colt 5" barrel: 4-shot average of 776 FPS

XDs with 3.3 barrel: 4-shot average of 712 FPS

I'll do some more with this sort of thing when I get a new Chronograph

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 09/04/2012

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