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Final 15 Minutes: What You Need to Survive a Disaster



Final 15 Minutes: Angery American Prepping For What You Can Not Live Without! Episode 18 #WMMF Podcast

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Author of the Going Home Survivalist Series of Books: Angery American (Chris Weatherman) talks Writing, Survival, Politics and the upcoming release of Book 8 in the survivalist-themed military fiction novel series: Home Invasion with Hank Strange Who Moved My Freedom Podcast episode 18 #hangoutsonair #whomovedmyfreedom

A. American Survivalist Books: Going Home, Surviving Home, Escaping Home, Forsaking Home, Resurrecting Home, Home Invasion, Avenging Home, Enforcing Home, Cry Havoc, Charlie's Requiem, Ramblin Man

Americans live in a country where water and electricity can easily be accessed with a simple flick of a switch or turning of a faucet. But, what would happen if these services were suddenly not available for long periods of time? Chris Weatherman is our guest on the show today. He is here to talk to us about the utility grid, and what could happen during a large scale blackout, apocalyptic event and how to prepare for that situation. We will talk with Chris Weatherman about how to preparedness skills we should have, survivalist ideas and practice, everyday threat assessment and more. Chris Weatherman a.k.a. Angery American (A. American) will answer all your preppers and survivalists questions on tonigh'ts show. He will share his bushcraft survival knowledge, survival tactics, survival gear that you should think about.

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