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Bud’s Gun Shop: Come and join the March! We commemorate reaching the One Million Subscriber mark in this video.

Thanks again to everybody who watches our videos and supports what we do. Many of you have been with us a long, long time. We appreciate you all, and we appreciate everybody who's found us recently and is trying to work through 900 + videos. :-)

Thanks. Most people cannot pay big dollars for an auction item, but almost anybody can send a little money or join one of the 2nd Amendment organizations below. Second Amendment Foundation: NRA / ILA : Gun Owners of America:

By the way, 2nd Amendment haters can just take your lame arguments and grandstanding somewhere else. If you can't find a large audience that will tolerate you elsewhere, then just climb up on your roof and preach to the moon. :-) We are not obligated to give you a big stage in OUR livingroom. Sorry. You can cry "1st Amendment" if you like and demonstrate that you know as little about the 1st Amendment as you do about the 2nd Amendment.

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