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How to Properly install sights on your Pistol



Hey guys, so in this video i demonstrate how to properly install sights on your firearm without the use of a pusher tool. before pushers all gunsmiths utilized brass and nylon punches in order to install sights. the practice is still used today by many gunsmiths. I hope you guys enjoy the video and stay tuned for new videos on this mini series for the Glock 43.

Tools used in this video:

Nylon Drift Punch:

Brass Dovetail Drift Punch:

Dawson Precision Aluminum Punches:

Meprolight Universal Sight Pusher:

2oz Hammer:

Red 271 Loctite:

Glock front sight tool:

Bench Vise:

Nylon Vise Jaws:

Needle Oiler:

Firearm Oil:

0000 Steel wool:

Tweezer set:

Parallel Pliers:

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  • Category: Handguns
  • Uploaded: 10/04/2018