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Bud’s Gun Shop: Shooting, discussing, and comparing the size and weight of the new Glock 42. A special thanks to Bud's Gun Shop for sending this Glock:

It was 25 degrees yesterday while we made this video. I blame all misses and any brainless comments on the temperature! :-) By the way, the holster was StealthgearUSA. This XDs version worked fine for the video; don't know if they will make one for the G42 or not, but they make a really nice IWB holster:

I emailed Buffalo Bore and explained what I experienced. I received what seems to be a very sensible and intelligent reply from Tim, the owner, at Buffalo Bore, so I'll post it here. See below: Hickok45, I have not yet tested the new Glock model 42, but over the years of making millions of rounds of +P 380 auto ammo, I have seen a couple other pistols slide lock engage while there is still ammo in the magazine. Generally this is caused by the amount of recoil generated by a given round i.e. the rapid backward thrust of the slide will cause the slide stop to engage. It can be remedied a number of ways, depending on exactly how/why it is occurring. Without seeing one of the new model 42 Glocks, I should not comment too much, but generally a stronger slide stop spring (if this pistol has one) or a deeper detent for the slide stop, will remedy the problem.

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