1000th Video


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Looking back on 1,000 videos!

Thanks to everybody for your past and future support of our efforts here in the woods. :-)

By the way, the cool rifle John is holding is a special gift from The Gun Parlor that just arrived, not really intended for a video, but we'll probably do one with it. It's the Daniel Defense M4A1 Socom. Really nice. I just had to stick my ACOG on it. http://thegunparlor.com/ http://instagram.com/thegunparlor

Note: Somebody made a comment to the effect that I was against hunters. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don't think he was listening to what I said. I used to hunt in the early '70s and I have good friends who hunt religiously. I was referring to anybody in the shooting community who thinks HIS or HER guns are okay, but the guns WE choose are NOT okay and are not "needed." It just so happens that this often tends to come from old guys who've never done anything with guns except shoot skeet or hunt rabbits. It could also come from somebody who maybe just does muzzle loading. Most folks who do these things are NOT that way and are huge 2nd Amendment supporters; however, when even one of them talks about how some other sort of firearms are really not necessary, the entire anti-gun community latches onto it and is ready to make a hero out of them.

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