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2-Gun Match: 1918 Sturmtruppen vs rear line Landwehr



We're going to have at least one more video from our WW1 themed match posted, and this is the first of that set. In this video we take a slightly whimsical approach to the very dark topic of WW1:

A 1918 motivated Sturmtruppen equipped with the best gear
A rear line enlisted man Landwehr equipped with 2nd line gear

So in this regard, it's German equipment vs German equipment with the same shooter running the stages twice.

We've had that request a number of times, so this is our first stab at that idea.

Sturmtruppen gear:
K98az w/ Trench magazine
P08 Luger
1916 Stahlhelm
S98/05 nA S bayonet with sawback removed
Grabenmesser (trench knife)
Bandolier in lieu of ammunition pouches (most sturmtruppen ditched the y-straps and pouches for this instead)

Landwehr gear:
Gew88 converted to spitzer bullets w/ stripper clip guides and dust cover
Converted Austrian M95 bayonet (common, the Gew88 had zillions of bayonets converted to fit)
Wonky commercial C96 broomhandle (purchased by soldier, not issued)
Y-Straps and standard ammunition pouches