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Discussing and shooting the SCAR 17s. Sometimes referred to as the "SCAR Heavy," due to its being chambered for that serious 7.62X51 (.308) cartridge. Before watching this video or commenting, please view the most recent Vlog, in which I discuss this rifle and the issue I had with the sights. The SCAR 17s Chapter 2 video will also be instructive.

The shooting is not horrific in this video, but definitely not indicative of what this rifle, or I, can do, of course. The hits on the red plate were all over on the left edge, so when I was holding on the bottom of the plate, it would just miss. When I held up higher on the plate, I'd catch the left edge at times; hence, the reason I adjusted the sights before doing the Chapter 2 video and the reason we're going to post the Chapter 2 video earlier than we normally do. I didn't want those plate misses and the watermelon to give this wonderful rifle a bad reputation! :-)

Corrections: By the way, I think I say 7.62X39 instead of 7.62X51 at one point in the video. Also, I struggle a little near the end trying to remember what SCAR stands for. :-) I believe it's Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle, even though the semi-auto version is not an "assault" rifle.

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