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Mail Call Mondays Season 7 #20



Mail Call Mondays Season 7 #20 - Analog Range Estimation, Argos BTR and Overpressure

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Index: Analog Range Estimation 00:25 Athlon Argos BTR Update 07:06 Avoiding Overpressure with Reloads 12:23

Links: Mildot Range Estimation - Athlon Argos BTR - Breakaway Coaster -

Intro by: Jesse Mattson

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Host: John McQuay Edited and Produced by: John McQuay


John McQuay, 8541 Tactical, LoneWolfUSMC, Mail Call Mondays, Police, Sniper, USMC, Questions, Review, Rifle, Long Range, Precision,

Range Estimation, Athlon Argos BTR, Reloading, Overpressure