FAQ 31 (New Camera)


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Did we get a new camera? What kind of camera did we get? Sony Handycam HDR CX150. New Windows machine plenty of memory and speed, as well as Sony Vegas 10.

Also, as I state in the video, when using Windows to process videos with this new HD camera in the resolution we want to use, a new file is created at around the point of 2 gigs.This creates a minor glitch at that point in the video that might appear to be an edit point. To avoid this, we will likely begin breaking our longer videos into two segments, even though most will be posted as one video. We'll just cut somewhere near the middle of the video intentionally so that we don't get the glitch. It will also give us time to reload magazines and reset targets if we like during the same video. You can notice what I'm talking about in the M&P40c Glock 19 Gen 4 videos, both at about 16:29, I think. John really hates it; he takes a lot of pride in his camera work, as he should. :-)

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