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Hickok45 plays and experiments with the popular Taurus Judge revolver. It's a lengthy shooting session with a variety of ammunition types and target distances. I demonstrate patterns and penetration at various distances. Nothing scientific, as usual, but maybe enough to give 410 gauge revolver owners and potential buyers a rough ideas of what to expect. At various distances I shoot birdshot, 6 shot, 4shot, 00 Buck, 000Buck, and the exotic Winchester PDX defense shells. I don't really have a big dog in the fight over whether these are great defensive guns or not, or whether the 410 is useless in this regard. I do know I would not want one shot at me after having experimented with it. It might not kill me, but it certainly would make me change my mind about further action and probably consider where I'd be finding a "see-and-eye" dog for the rest of my life. :-)

Category: Handguns Uploaded: 02/19/2011

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