Guns DO Grow on Trees!


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A closer look at my wood carving! :-) Actually, just thought you might like to see up close and personal one of our favorite classics carved out of wood. If you're not a termite and you are interested in more information about these things, check out the website.

If the price is a big deal to you, guess what, you don't have to order one. Duh. I don't care if the price has to be $20,000 for something like this. Guess I'm a little strange; I don't worry about how people price things; that is THEIR business. They know what it costs to design, produce, & market something. If it's above what I am willing to pay, so what. I don't think they necessarily had ME in mind when they started up the endeavor. It's a little self-centered, I think, to take personally and be offended by some business venture that offers a product I cannot afford. We just thought you'd be interested to see that somebody actually does this in such detail, regardless of the time and cost involved.

Category: Sport Shooting Uploaded: 04/26/2013

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