Mossberg 590 A1


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Let's try out my new Mossberg 590 A1 shotgun. This is the standard model with just a bead sight. I like it !!! Model M590 A1 # 51660 Parkerized Finish Heavy walled barrel Metal safety button and trigger guard 20" barrel with full length magazine Bead sight

I forget that this shotgun and the 870 are almost as likely to cause as many arguments as the AK - AR15 discussions. I've already had my integrity attacked by a Remington 870 lover (employee?), saying I'm being paid by Mossberg. :-) Well, I only WISH a gun company were willing to PAY me! I don't even get T&E guns from Mossberg, who doesn't even know i exist, I'm sure. Of course, I wouldn't come cheap, and I'd let you know that if it ever happened. My credibility is more important to me than about anything. I bought this gun, and if it does not prove reliable, you'll know about it and see it on the Tube.

By the way, that was a Personal Security Systems Holster I flashed with my Glock 23 in it. I've been wearing either it or the CrossBreed SuperTuck almost exclusively this winter. I like them both a great deal.

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