Return of the Rapid Fire


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3rd Chapter in the Rapid Fire Trilogy. Another of John's masterpieces!

Lyrics to "Life is Good" below:

"Life Is Good"

He's spending time with his favorite toys Just slingin' lead and makin' noise. All the game down here is made of steel. The bullets fly and the targets fall, But the goats and pigs don't mind at all. Around here the Zombies are the only thing that's real. Life is good

Chorus: He shoots more ammo than he probably should His compound's here in the Nashville neighborhood In the land of the free. Life is good He's always shootin' down in the woods; Wouldn't leave here even if he could.

Life is good

Now he's cooler than the real Hickok. This man shoots a Colt or a Glock. He's never met a target he can't hit. He loves his Lever and he loves his Bolt, A semi-auto and his .45 Colt. But most of his hits are on the Internet.

Life is good

[ Chorus ]

So when you're down in Tennessee Where freedom is alive And you hear shot ring from the wood, It's Hickok 45

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