Pistol Barrel Length: Does it matter?


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A discussion and comparison of velocity from three different size Glock models, the G26, G19, & G17. The comparison involves Winchester White Box and Hornady's Critical Duty. Nothing too scientific, but it might be interesting to some of you. Thanks to Academy of Self Protection in Joelton, Tn, for the loan of the Glock 17: http://www.academyofselfprotection.com/

Note: Also, even though I included the G17 in the experiment, I think the majority of CCW people are choosing between Compact and Subcompact firearms. In the Glock line-up, that would be the G26 or G19 if 9mm is the choice. That's mainly the reason I conclude there's hardly enough difference to "write home about." Anybody who really dwells on an extra 5 to 10 percent difference in velocity and would ACTUALLY carry a big G17 would interpret this differently than I do. For carry, the G19 is a big as it's going to get for me, so the numbers on the G17 are irrelevant for me.

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