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STEN Guns Everything You Need To Know



Walter Keller of Talks Fun Facts and Everything You Need To Know about Full Auto Sten Guns. The WW II era British 9×19mm (9mm) STEN SMG (Submachine Gun) : Lots of Machine Gun Fun and Everything You Need To Know about these far from forgotten weapons / Firearms including Shooting Second World War Full-Auto Sten Guns, Basic Sten How to Field Strip your STEN gun: Disassembly and Reassembly, Different Sten Marks and History. Hank Strange With the crew from 904 Outdoors (their first time shooting sten guns), Safety Harbor Firearms and Baby Face P. The book referenced by Walter in this video is: The Sten Machine Carbine by Peter Laidler.

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The Hank Strange Situation : Lifestyles of the Locked & Loaded

  • Category: NFA Guns
  • Uploaded: 07/12/2017