The Hickok45 Radio Show Episode 2 (1-21-11)


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Hickok Talks, again!!! FYI - Viewer's comment:

"I use "Free YouTube to MP3 converter " If you google it you will find all the download links. It's free and the easiest way to copy just audio off a youtube video and convert it to a mp3 for your iPod." Topics: 00:00 Intro & topics overview 5:20 - Political issues / people control measures proposed, etc. 12:31 - S&W M&P40c update / Logistics of reviewing guns. 19:52 - Shooting up an appliance? 24:55 - Firearm action test 28:08 - Elephant Guns I've owned. 38:05 - Competitive shooting and trying it yourself 47:55 - New Mossberg 590 A1

Category: Uncategorized Uploaded: 01/23/2011

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