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Tips for Better Wing & Clay Shooting - Stance



Your stance is the foundation for successful wing and clay shooting. Setting up with a good stance will go a long way in helping you become a better shot. Your stance should be positioned according to your target break point, where you believe you will shoot the target. Let's start off with foot placement.

Foot Placement - Let’s say you’re expecting to shoot your target at 12 o'clock, a good reference for your feet is 1 o'clock for your forward foot and 3 o'clock for your back foot. Your feet should be about shoulder length apart and you should be able to draw a line from your back foot heal passing through your forward foot toes to where you are expecting to break the target.

Forward Lean - Bend your front knee until roughly 60% of your weight is on your forward foot.

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  • Uploaded: 02/23/2015