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2G-ACM - Vietnam - Stage 2 - Jungle Ambush



Stage 2 - Vietnam - Jungle Ambush

Much like trenches are synonymous with WW1, ridiculously close range jungle ambushes became the "norm" for a lot of the Vietnam conflict; that was what inspired Stage 2.

As we had access to a Troy GAU-5/A/A Reproduction Carbine and an original Colt SP1, what better reason would we need to do a Vietnam themed 2G-ACM match? None, of course.

We're going to get a lot of comments on this, but the Colt SP1's A1 birdcage IS period correct, although maybe not specifically for the Battle of Ia Drang. The original 3 prong flash hiders were prone to damage, collection of debris, and abuse by the soldiers so the A1 birdcage replaced them gradually over time, starting as early as 1967.