Glock 23 vs XD Service Model


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Shooting and comparing the Glock 23 and XD Service model, my final look at the XD Service model. I did some very average shooting at one point with the G23, and was truthfully getting a little frustrated (You'll know where I mean), but I'm assuming you'd rather see the Hickok45 "reality show" than for me to start the video again, just to demonstrate better shooting. Yes, I, too, on occasion get into an accuracy funk . Perhaps it's that I'm overconfident, or I slip into a slight trigger jerk without knowing it. I had been shooting a Glock 26 with Steve, and perhaps the switching of calibers was part of it. Guess there's a reason for the line, "Beware the man with one gun" !! :-)

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 05/24/2010

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