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How To Light A Bow Drill Fire | Complete Step by Step



This is a how-to on how to make a fire using the bow drill method. This method has been around for thousands of years, and is one of the best ways to make a fire without matches, lighter, or fire steel. While you may not use this technique often, it is something that should be learned and practiced.

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I go over the steps from beginning to finish, so take out a pen and paper! I am using western Red Cedar for all components of this bow drill (except the 550 cordage, and the Hawkes Hellion Elite). A sapling makes up the Bow for flexibility, a small limb makes up the Spindle, a split plank makes up the Fire Board, the tinder is made from the bark, even the Fire Pan is made from the Inner Bark.

Difficulty scale: 7/10 Practice makes perfect, and good cardio conditioning is a huge help.

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  • Category: Outdoors
  • Uploaded: 02/18/2015