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Bud’s Gun Shop: Shooting, showing, and discussing the new Practical / Tactical Glock 41 .45 ACP. Thanks to Glock for sending me this T & E pistol to try out: As discussed in the video, I shot the G41 and the G21 side by side prior to the video and was not sure I could tell any difference in felt recoil. I meant to do it again in the video but forgot, so I did it several times right after the video, back and forth, back and forth. It was more clear to me this time that the standard G21 gives a slightly softer recoil due to the fact that the slide is almost 3 ounces heavier than the slide of the G41. Shooting it one-handed made it more clear to me. Don't know if anybody really cares, but one thing I meant to point out, too, is that the outside dimensions of the barrel are less than the other Glock .45 barrels. Other Glock barrels would not be long enough anyway, but they would not fit the hole in the front of the slide. For example, the 9" Lone Wolf barrels will not fit. I tried it.

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